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        Sales Enablement

        Sales enablement that raises the bottom line.

        Fuse supercharges the performance of your salespeople by engaging them with the tools, the learning, and the techniques that drive success. 

        Rapid Onboarding 

        Get new hires to competency quickly by giving them them access to learning tailored to their role so they are set up for success from day one. 

        Product Knowledge 

        Fuse saves valuable time for your sales teams, letting them quickly find the latest product training and sales collateral, accessible anytime on mobile.

        Pitch Perfect

        Build your sales teams’ confidence to pitch, manage objections and close deals with real-time feedback and performance coaching whenever they need it.


        Find out how Carpetright used Fuse to grow their revenue by 13% and their NPS by 10%.

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        Accelerate Time to Competency

        Build a winning sales onboarding plan for the first 30, 60 and 90 days to develop your sales teams' skills, with bitesized, on-demand learning. Fuse's easy to use video functionality lets you create and curate a rich library of high-impact, interactive content.

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        Sales onboarding

        Encourage collaboration and teamwork

        Facilitate peer-to-peer learning and enable your top performers to easily create and share their own expert content with Fuse’s social learning tools. Online communities let salespeople ask and answer questions, and share top tips and best practices – elevating the performance of the team.

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        Product training on the go 

        Develop your sales teams' skills with bitesized interactive learning content and assessments. Ensure that they have the latest product information, searchable within seconds on the Fuse mobile app.

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        Mobile learning

        Powerful performance coaching tools

        Enable sales teams to perfect their sales pitch with Fuse's range of feedback and observation coaching tools. Sales people can upload their practice pitches for instant feedback and set and review goals with their manager. 

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        Sales coaching

        Demonstrable impact 

        Track and continuously improve the business impact of your sales enablement programmes with Fuse's advanced built-in analytics.

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        Learning Analytics
        Lyn Warren HR Director

        "The colleagues that connect the most with Fuse and really engage with the content perform much better than their peer group – and that difference is double-digit difference. They learn about the products they're selling, the services that we offer, and how best to serve our customers."

        Join our growing community of customers who use Fuse to onboard, train and continuously enable their salespeople. 

        1 million+
        users onboarded




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