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        Book A Demo
        Customer Training

        Enable your customers

        Expand your enterprise 

        Steal a march on the competition with Fuse for Extended Enterprise. Unlock the power of your customers and channel partners. 

        Power to your partners

        Effective and trusted customers and channel partners are a vital asset in getting ahead of the competition - and staying there.

        Ensure that they have the up-to-the-minute information that keeps them - and you - one step ahead of the pack.



        Deliver effective learning 

        It's a cliché, but time is money. Lost time can mean lost opportunities, and lost sales.

        Whether it's on the factory floor or the frontline, deliver the product knowledge and learning that your customers and channel partners need, when they need it.


        See measurable results

        In a world where change is the norm, your strategies need to be flexible - and measurable.

        Easily analyse the business results from your customers and channel partners and tailor your tactics accordingly.


        Rentokil logo

        Find out how Rentokil Initial switched from the market-leading LMS to Fuse and saw three years’ worth of engagement in a single month.

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        Create and share product knowledge - quickly

        Whether on mobile, laptop or desktop, Fuse lets you quickly create rich, bitesized, learning content - and deliver it right where it's needed. It's like having a production studio in the palm of your hand.

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        Product Training

        Unlock end-to-end communications - seamlessly

        Keep your customers and channel partners in the loop with product updates, promotions and events. Fuse's two-way communications lets them share their successes and that all-important feedback. 

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        Mobile learning and communications

        Tailor your audience - easily

        As your enterprise expands so will your audience. Fuse's communities let you share the right updates and the right messages with the right people - anywhere in the world at any time.

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        Online communities

        Build on your successes - continuously

        You can't afford to rest on your laurels. Fuse's advanced built-in analytics let you track and continuously improve the business impact of your strategies, and tailor your tactics to make the most of each new success.

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        Learning Analytics

        Break the language barrier

        There are many challenges to going global - language shouldn't be one of them. Fuse's built-in language engine auto-transcribes your videos, and auto-translates your content into 35 languages. 

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        Global learning
        Richard Gregory

        The feedback was absolutely fantastic from day one. People just find it far more intuitive… a far better learning experience.

        Join our growing community of customers who use Fuse to onboard, train and continuously enable their salespeople. 

        1 million+
        users onboarded




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