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        Book A Demo
        Product Training

        Product knowledge on demand

        Drive sales with Fuse by giving your people instant access to the latest product information and learning - any time, any place.

        Knowledge when it's needed

        Give your frontline staff and external partners mobile access to interactive bitesized product learning and information that they can use and apply when they need it.

        Closing with confidence

        Support your sales teams to pitch confidently, manage objections and increase sales conversations with feedback and performance coaching whenever they need it. 

        Measure performance impact

        Track engagement and sales of your product content  right from the start - and tailor it as your campaigns and strategies evolve.


        Building engagement on the frontline

        Hilti are using Fuse to deliver engaging and measurable product learning to their frontline staff. Find out how.

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        Learning on the go 

        Develop your sales teams' product knowledge and pitching skills with bitesized interactive learning content and assessments. Ensure that they have the latest product information – searchable within seconds on the Fuse mobile app.

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        Mobile Learning

        A demo production studio - built in

        The Fuse Recorder lets you easily create, edit and upload videos. Give frontline staff the tools to record, hone and share their pitches to reinforce learning and best practices. 

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        Video learning

        Feedback in real time

        Keep your people's learning on track and reinforce positive behaviours. Fuse's wide range of powerful performance coaching tools lets you set and manage goals, track progress and give feedback.

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        Performance coaching and feedback

        It's all about the performance

        Fuse delivers measurable performance results. Track and continuously improve the sales impact of your learning programmes with Fuse's advanced built-in analytics.

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        Learning Analytics

        Product knowledge that's fluent in 35 languages 

        Fuse's auto- translation of content and auto-transcription of videos means every learner can access learning in their native language. 

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        Global learning communities
        Rachel Hilti-1

        “We do learning to achieve our targets – the data analytics helps us show clear business results. We don’t have to guess what learning content our people will engage with; a constant review and improve cycle allows us to adapt the way we develop our learning.

        Join our growing community of customers who use Fuse to onboard, train and continuously enable their salespeople. 

        1 million+
        users onboarded




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