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        Book A Demo
        Employee Learning and Development

        A culture of continuous learning needs more than just an LMS

        Bring workplace learning into the future with Fuse's
        mobile-first learning ecosystem. 

        Deliver on-the-job learning

        Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming courses. Give your people access to bitesized learning and assessments that they can access on the go and apply immediately. 

        Unleash your experts!

        Let your people learn from the best - each other. Allow your employees to easily create content and share their expertise with their colleagues - wherever they are.


        Measure performance impact

        Nobody likes waiting. Track engagement and business results right from the start - and immediately deliver feedback with coaching tools to build a continuous learning culture.


        Find out how InterContinental Hotels Group use Fuse to drive employee engagement and transform learning and development for their tribe.

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        Bitesized learning

        Easily create bitesized, media-rich learning content. Incorporate videos and events to build structured, blended learning plans that deliver the learning that's needed, right when it's needed. 

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        mobile learning

        Unlock your talent with user-generated content

        Users can easily create content with Fuse's capture tools. Sharing knowledge and collaboration is made simple with communities and social learning tools. Likes, Comments and Fuse's AI-powered feed make the experience familiar - and engaging.

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        Online Learning

        Feedback in real time

        Keep your people's learning on track and reinforce positive behaviours. Fuse's wide range of powerful performance coaching tools lets you set and manage goals, track progress and give feedback.

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        Performance Coaching

        It's all about the performance

        Fuse delivers measurable performance results. Track and continuously improve the business impact of your learning plans with Fuse's advanced built-in analytics.

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        Learning Analytics

        One platform. 35 languages. 

        Make your learning programmes immediately accessible in over 30 languages with auto-translation of content and auto-transcription of videos. 

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        Digital learning
        Betina Skovsted Global Learning Director

        We've changed to more modern bitesized social type of content, pulled together into one place – creating communities for our general managers where they can really go and find what they need, when they need it.

        Join our growing community of customers who use Fuse to onboard, train and continuously enable their salespeople. 

        1 million+
        users onboarded




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